Gutu Sugar-beet Refinery Ukraine - Pervukhinsky Sugar Refinery

The Sugar-beet Refineries and property of Leopold Koenig,
The "Sugar King" of Russia
in Kharkov Gubernia, Ukraine.
Acquired in 1874 and later.

The photographs of Guty and Trostianetz Sugar-Beet Refineries owned by Leopold Koenig were kindly presented for our web-site by Dennis Weber from Las-Vegas, USA, who is a descendent of Leopold Koenig family. His book, "From Russia to Roseburg" about Leopold Koenig business in Russia and Ukraine through his family genealogical matters, is available for purchase at .

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Guty Sugar-Beet Refinery, 1881.

Trostianetz Sugar-Beet Refinery, 1874.

After it was nationalized by the Soviet State in 1917, the plant was renamed to Pervukhinsky Sugar Refinery (Первухинский Сахарный Комбинат.) Address: 2 Lenina Street, pgt. Guty,
Bogodukhovsky Rayon, Kharkov Oblast, Ukraine.
(Харьковская область, Богодуховский район,
посёлок городского типа Гуты,
улица Ленина, дом 2).

Leopold Koenig's Villa in Sharovka near Trostianetz

Property in Sankt Peterburg: see here .